Load equipment and supplies faster and safer with the Triple L® trailer. Unlike ramp and tilt-bed systems, the Triple L trailer features the exclusive Power Deck system, a unique hydraulic mechanism used to lower the entire deck of the trailer to ground level. This eliminates the need to drive, pull, winch or push a payload up or down a loading ramp, which increases productivity and improves safety. The result is a more efficient solution for loading construction and industrial equipment, machines and supplies.

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Press Release, June 2023

Triple L is pleased to share with you some new faces on our leadership team. In alignment with our continued growth plans, we welcome a General Manager and Director of Operations and a Sales and Customer Service Representative.

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L Street Corporation (L Street) Acquires the Assets of Triple L Trailers

Triple L Trailers, now based in Chino, California, is the original leader in drop deck trailers with eight models capable of handling loads of up to 10,000 lbs.

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